Yellow Attic Bedroom with Dressing Area Design Ideas

We already showed you about cool attic bedroom design, and today we will show you again about these cool yellow attic bedroom with dressing area on its slope. These images will guide you how to imagine these work. We already know that converting an attic to a bedroom is a very nice idea to make this space more useful. Even though an attic is usually isn’t too large it’s enough for a comfortable bedroom and your dressing area. We have attic bedroom with detail project, let me introduce for you.

The dressing area on this attic bedroom is separated with a folding system that feature 6 thin doors. Behind you will noticed that the dressing area is large enough. Thanks to the fact that these doors are lattice they don’t weight a lot and looks quite airy. They don’t overwhelm the room and their cells are perfect to put cloth hangers in them. Thank to the material-metal-so it let natural light at the wardrobe space. Having attic bedroom is a perfect solution for small houses where space is at a premium. I hope this gallery will help you to design an attic bedroom of your dreams.

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