Wryneck, Cute and Unique Trunk Furniture by Pool

Just  like borrowing a piece of trunk from the forest, it’s a product that combines both aspect of the beauty and artistic taste of the craftsmanship of a veneer and the sophisticated technology in digital cutting. Only by glancing it, you will absolutely feel that this product is not only functional but it’s also very cute and unique at its design.

It’s Wryneck from Pool. Made from walnut and cork, the product have two sizes. The big one, has dimensions of 59cm diameter and 40cm height, while the small has dimensions of 45cm diameter and 35cm height. As a regular table, the product is big enough for your and your friends or family as a place for your outdoor gathering .

The combination of the artistic taste and the sophisticated cutting technology involved in this product, makes  it not only finish as a product of art, but also can be produced in the matter of mass industrial production. Moreover, without renouncing its original state, Wryneck can always find its suitable place in domestic spots. It’s truly a lovely piece to have.

For more details and information, please visit Pool.

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