Whirlingo, Original Space-Saving Solution For Your Garden

For you who want to have a beautiful garden without any worries of spending to much space to build it, this can be a great solution for you to have. It’s Whirlingo, which is designed as a space saving solution in gardening.

The Whirlingo is a spiral individual growing tubes. These pieces are original. With each piece fills 1×1 m area spiraling around a central post, a piece of it holds 10 tubes where a tube holds 3 plants. It means a piece in 1x1m area holds 30 plants.

Each plant inside of this tubes grows through a hole in the plastic tubing. This also helps you to take care of your plants since it will only couple of inches wide area that ever needs weeding. Don’t you thing that this piece is something awesome? It could hold many plants in so little area, eases you to take care of the plants, and the most important thing is the pieces are so beautiful efficient.

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