Ultra Modern House Design Inspiration

The Ghazale Residence strives to be an ultra modern futuristic residential project that will bring a different lifestyle to its inhabitants. Designed by Sahar Ghazale and Gilbert Zarka, this modern house architecture looks amazing both on the outside and the inside. With its tall structure, accentuated by specific architectural elements, the Ghazale Residence differs from any of the houses in its vicinity.

The Ghazale Residence which located in Lebanon featuring three storey of exceptional modern design. Dressed in grey and white basalt stone and concrete, the outdoor features modern fountain design with beautiful landscaped garden. As you walk into this dream home and look at the interior and the decoration, you would realize how classy and luxury this home is.

The interiors feature a contemporary array of furniture and furnishings that found their place in the large living spaces. The double-height living room receives natural light from the extensive use of glass and encourages friends and family to enjoy their time together. Very exclusive crème basic sofa blends perfectly along with the simply minimalist coffee table and comfortable furniture made by wicker. The designers of this house really knows how to make a cozy and amazing place to live. We invite you to enjoy these inspiring photos for your greatest inspiration.

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