Sustainable Modern Home with Beautiful Natural Touches

I always love seeing when modern home filled with beautiful natural element, like seeing this wonderful home design that we have today. Modern architecture blends perfectly along with natural material such wood, stone and its amazing outdoor view. By applying large glass window from floor to ceiling to captured beautiful outdoor view, this modern natural home design looks so calm and captivating.

The master mind behind this extravaganza house design that occupying 250 sq m2 is Fernanda Marques. Each room enjoy the natural atmosphere, thanks s to the extensive glass windows and walls. This modern house able to blur the barriers and has made any parts of the space there accessible to the outdoors. The result is : amazing home design that filled with light and airy ambience.

This fully coordinated home design features multiple wooden decks to link various rooms to the outdoors, glass ceilings, and floor to ceiling glass windows and doors which created a breathtaking new level of modern architecture design. This modern home also has sustainable living standard. Modern home design is never comfort than this way.

Here is short description from the designer :

“Being inside feeling like one is outside. I believe that to be a key issue in understanding the interior design being produced today. In times when environmental awareness is growing, and, of course, also the desire to be close to nature.”

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