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Stacking Throne, Functional Children Chair

April 17, 2011 Filed Under: Furniture  
Stacking Throne, Functional Children Chair

You might find it difficult to get good toys for your child, try to catch this new chair collection. It may help you, and your children will be delighted with it.

It’s a stack able chair for your child called Stacking Throne. Designed by designer Laurens Van Wierigen, these chairs are meant for you child. As your child is growing up, he or she can take different parts of it, while you can help them to build a house or you can let them play with these chairs.

Comes in bright shades, these chairs will color your child’s life. Made of foam, the chair is safe for your children to play with. You can also put the parts so that they will represent bright shelves. Let go your imagination, follow modern style, and decorate not only your room but also the child’s room with modern and functional furniture.

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    How can I get this chair -I’m in love

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