Spacious Elegant House For A Modern Family

Designed in the style of Governor House by Avrid Fuhre, this elegant house is absolutely a great place to live. It’s simple and spacious, yet very modern and very functional for any family that would love to have a spacious modern house.

The interior of this house is dominated by white and black colors with some dashes and light grey for the rooms. Choosing those natural colors is absolutely right. Those colors don’t make the interior look gloomy and pale. In the contrary the house looks calm and friendly place for a family to live. Those impression even felt stronger at the inside of the house as filled with natural wood furniture. Combination between the colors and the furniture brings a classical and elegant atmosphere into the house at the same time.

The house is also quite eco-friendly. It’s designed where the light of the sun can come inside of the house as much as possible. The rooms or the workplace on the windowsill are the examples. It could save light and space at the same time.

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