Modern Retreat Home Design Made by Glass

Modern retreat glass house named Fishers Island House by Thomas Phifer and Partners is slightly different. I love seeing natural retreat home design made by wood, but also love when modern architecture meets natural landscape as well as this lovely glass house. Entirely made by glass from exterior to interior, The Fisher Island House located among beautiful garden that filled with daffodils, peonies and daylilies. Up ahead near the path’s end is an aperture framed by an arbor of apple trees, capturing an elemental view of sky and water: the horizon of the Long Island Sound. As you reach closer range, you suddenly realize you have been looking not merely through foliage, but also right through the house.

This modern retreat house design looks so fragile and transparent. It is subtle and strong at the same time, give us new ideas about retreat home architecture which made by glass. Fishers Island House occupying 4,600-square-foot volume, notching into its far side and emerging as a long, miraculously shallow reflecting pool, incising the lawn with a silvery film, its distant edge dissolving optically into the Sound. This house has master bedroom and become a house for extraordinary 20th century paintings, sculptures, and glassware—much of it conveying a sense of buoyancy or levitation that echoes the pavilion’s lightness. The artwork always figures into view out, even if only peripherally. Conversely, from the gardens, this colorful indoor collection projects a presence outdoors.

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