Modern Loft With Full of Light

The This modern loft is located in Brasov, Romania. The designer of the loft, In Situ Architects, named the loft Cetuita Loft. The concept of the loft is an open space loft, as the loft location is on the mountain with a wonderful view surround it and it’s also a perfect spot to get a view of the historical center of the city.

First floor is a place for a kitchen, a dining room and some other rooms, office and a hall. On the second floor you can find a living room with a fireplace, a bedroom and a storage. The loft has many glass as the materials. This is intended for the light to come in except as a place for sightseeing. Even the rails inside of the loft is also made of glass, while the stairs are all made of wood.

The interior design is minimalist, yet modern with a strong concern on maximizing light inside the loft. Beside natural lights, the loft is also full with lamps in various bright colors like chocolate brown, green or lilac. Combination of minimalist design, the glass, and the attractive bright colors make the loft look so live and inviting. One more thing, the lights in the bathroom can be changed as your mood.

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