Modern House With Country Taste in Nimes

This charming house is located in Nimes, France. This house named after a province in South France, Provence as the name. The house was originally an old oil mill which built in 19th century. Recently, that old oil mill was restored and transform into this wonderful country house.

As you can see in the pictures, the house has an open plan area includes living-room, dining-room, kitchen and study room. The house is a great blend between modern style and a classic style, gives the house such its own style and character. Dominated with white and black color interior, the house is full of modern interior as seen at the bed, sofa, bathroom set, or  at the pool. Yet, a strong impression of classic or rustic touch is all over the house. Those two styles mixed well on the stone walls, polished concrete floors, iron windows and natural timber.

Its cozy atmosphere created by its neutral and calm tones. With many great and modern furniture inside of the house, the resident of the can always keep up with the modern life style, while enjoying a wonderful country side life style

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