Modern Bathroom Design Ideas by Delpha

These modern bathroom design ideas are from Delpha. Two key elements work together to make these bathroom design pictures so visually arresting. First, the use of bold and brilliant color. Deep reds and blackcurrants create a rich, sensual flavor; whereas zingy yellows, oranges and pinks have the refreshing effect of a citrus sorbet! Secondly, tiny mosaic tiles are used throughout this bathroom design gallery to give rise to an exceptionally precious look.

The mosaic tiles shine in metallic and iridescent shades: eye-catching and practical, too. With their unusual mix of elements, these bathrooms seem truly timeless. Although bursting with the ‘wow’ factor, the design ideas feel entirely livable due to the careful attention to detail. A vase of fresh flowers here, some candles there, and stack of fluffy towels in the corner make these chic bathroom pictures by Delpha the kind of place where we’d like to picture ourselves

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