Mobile Bathtub-Like Planter by Eserro

This latest product from Eserro, Canadian company that create cool products for gardening, might be a product that many people is looking for. It’s actually just a planter, but Eserro gave more features and designed it like a small bathtub. In this design and with this features, we can say that this planter is a mobile garden which will suitable to use as indoors as outdoors.

This planter has a set of wheel to move which makes this planter flexible and space-friendly. The planter is ideal for small houses which only have little space for their garden while they must serve numerous purposes thus requiring frequent rearrangement. It’s also perfect to move indoors over the winter months. Design of this planter included an elevated construction of the planter for maximum airflow underneath the planter to reach ideal temperature condition to eliminate moisture problems, which will cause a mold and mildew problem.

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