Minimalist Modern Bathroom Design by Dornbracht

Looking for a minimalist modern bathroom? Then you just hop into the right page. Here we have a collection of an almost Zen like bathroom design from Dornbracht. For a truly minimalist lovers and enthusiast you will definitely love the simplicity given at the bathroom interior. Everything here is simple without any distraction of ornaments or bathroom fixtures which are to complex in their designs.

Some of you might judge that this is too bright and cold for bathroom, and as a matter of fact you’d probably will suggest a warmer tone to be brought inside this interior, but wouldn’t that be somehow to be off from what’s being called a  minimalist? The pale colors seem to be chosen to create minimalist look with nice and clean angelic white ceiling. There is nothing extra found at the bathrooms, all are very necessary to create minimalist modern bathroom designs and it’s an enjoyable experience if you truly understand the meaning of minimalism.

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