Luxurious Modern House As A Perfect Hideaway

I’m kind of speechless when I look at this amazing house. Alone in the wide area, the house location is quite hidden and away from the neighbors. The house is a complete renovation of Xiao-Yen House in San Francisco, and Studio Craig Steely Architecture assure that the renovation will make the best result in making a modern and functional house.

Comes in a modern design, the idea of the house is to make it more open by letting natural light to come inside as much as possible. That is why, the house is dominated by giant windows all over the house. As the interior, there is a combination of traditional table and cabinet with bright colors futuristic chairs. The combination becomes even more cooler as the furniture used in the house are mostly modern in calm colors such as beige, white, and natural wood.

One special place in the house is a private space right under the roof. This private space has a hot whirlpool and it’s intended to become a place to relax after a hard day. With all the design and the location, the house is really a perfect spot to rest and leave the outside world for a while.

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