Home Décor Tips: How To Choose Exterior Paint Color

If you’re about to paint your house then you better stop and look for this tips from us on choosing the right exterior paint. Here are the tips on choosing the right exterior paint color and keep you and your neighbors happy.

Global Position: It’s very important to know where your home is located now, if you’re living in tropical country then you might use neutral color as in tropical country it’s very hot. Homes that are stayed in natural places like rustic mountains will use color palette that matches with the environment like browns, greens, and dark colors. Now before you set a heart on certain color then you must learn about your home position.
Study the Architectural History of Your House: It is important to study the history of your house that’s if you’re living in a historical architectural home design. When you live at older Victorian homes, the architectural style and time period can help you to decide what exterior color should be used.
Weather Resistant: Since you’re going to paint the exterior part of the house it’s best suit if you use weather resistant paint as it will stands against heat, cold, rain, and the cold better.
Take a Look Around The Neighborhood: Your neighborhood can be a major factor how your home’s exterior will look. If you live very close it is best to choose color palettes that slightly matches with the environment as you’re certainly don’t want to get the color looking too different. If you want to go against the grain of the neighborhood then you will look very exclusive than the others. Be different but not too different.
Paint Your Roof: Never forget that roof is also your home’s exterior. Your roof color and material needs to be considered accordingly to the weather and your home geographical position. If you live in a hotter climate country then it’s better if you use a lighter roofs or terracotta roofs with a light paint. If you’re living in a cold environments, it’s better to use darker colors.
Get Ideas: Last but not least, you can always consult to the expert and surf the net for an inspiration. You can always opted for architectural magazines for an idea how you want your home’s exterior color.

You need to be mindful of your surroundings before you paint your exterior color. Try experimenting new colors and we want to see how it looks and perhaps you can send it to us. How did you go about choosing the colors? We love hearing how you paint your home exterior.

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  1. Nice tips! Choosing exterior paint color is one of the most difficult and important things for a house!

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