Hidden Rustic Drawer That Looks Like Stack of Firewood, Facecord by Mark Moskovitz

What exactly is this? On the first time you’re seeing this furniture, we never really can tell that it was furniture, until this rustic furniture can be drawn out and from there you will find the storage. Deceiving right?! Certainly is and I’m sure you are also confused and deceived by the look of it. Facecord the name of this rustic drawer was designed by Mark Moskovitz.

This interesting original chest of drawers on the first time you’ve seen it was like pile of firewood. The unusual storage item has four built in drawers, offering the users with plenty of space for storage and can be used as one rustic home décor or perhaps a contemporary interior. Interested in this Mark Moskovitz work on this hidden rustic storage that resembles stack of woods? Then you can always check at his website.

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