Green Shadow House, A Suave Architecture Blend of Minimalist and Nature by Mutsue Hayakusa

I see skies so blue and a Green Shadow House which is soothing designed from Mutsue Hayakusa. The Japanese architect has a back to the nature sort of concept, where the architect designed this contemporary minimalist house in a beautiful pristine surrounding located in Karuizawa, Nagano. What makes this contemporary home interesting is also the fact that it’s being built on an uneven landscape and slope terrain. Although it’s not really like a camouflaged house, we truly love the harmony created between the house and the nature.

This minimalist house design followed the shape of L, where it’s hoped that from wherever you’re in at the house you can see the spectacular wooden trees all over. We also loved as the architect used floor to ceiling windows to not just bring in the vistas inside the house but also letting the sunshine in. It’s a suave simple house design combine in a minimalist interior which is a perfect option all around.

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