Fun Planters with Face, The Facepot by Good Studio

Are you really serious about gardening? Well if you’re that kind of person who just love to plough and plant then check out these original planters. These planters are not only beautiful but also personalized the way you’re displaying your family photos. You can put it in the Facepot and have them accompany your plants through the end of time.

Facepot (3)

Facepot was made by Good Studio, and this modern pot has different size and unique idea towards it. By using the techniques applied in campaign advertising, the pot was then applied with it. And the result was a unique pot that has a person’s face. Good Studio not only has created a modern home decoration using Facepot but also create an artistic way of planting.

Facepot (2)

You can see the pots there bring different atmosphere compared to the normal ordinary pots. They create such funny and fun feeling. These decorative pots can be used with real live plants or artificial plants. You don’t need to worry for the face to withered away as it can stand against the external factors and will keep the design safe. Have fun in these creative planters as we’re sure they will put up smiles to everyone’s faces.

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