Fabulous Interior Design With Pearl Grey and Blue Touches

OMG….I just love this color combination. Pearl grey is shimmer color and blue is such relaxing color. The combination between these neutral color delivering subtle and elegant result. I can only describe this room as refined glamour. For everyone who love calming situation, my post today, may be a big inspiration.

Color surely could the mood. The clean silvery pearl gray paired with bold blue is the perfect combination and  quite refreshing. Who is the master mind behind this fabulous home design? Windsor Smith the lifestyle architects did perfectly. And if you looking for diverse arrangement for your living room, you should check the elegant blue grey out.  Windsor decided to place the two sofas back-to-back instead of facing each other. The result is : two individual seating areas in one living room, as opposed to one conversation area. Very captivating, right ? two seating areas in one living room is a great.

It is not enough for you? maybe the bedroom might inspire you. Shiny pearl headboard combined with white cotton bed linen, topped with silver faux alligator skin pillows. fabulous…fabulous …fabulous….I just cant stop loving this home. Modern and classics effortlessly definitely. Trust me, it is so fabulous.

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