Dignity Bed: Antibacterial Built In Dry Toilet in A Bed by Enda Thomas

When it comes to bed then Enda Thomas has the brightest idea. This bed you’re about to see is completed with a built in toilet. If it sounds crazy or weird hearing built in toilet bed then you got to believe it. This is called Dignity Bed, and although some of you out there might think it is a little weird, we really catch the idea of why it’s build in such way as it’s built for those who has physical disability so they can just dump in the waste in that toilet where it will be sealed electronically through a waste bag. It’s best suited to be placed at the hospital as this bed will come in handy and useful. The Dignity Bed is antibacterial protected. If you’re amazed and your hospital need this antibacterial bed or dry toilet bed facility, you can always check on Enda Thomas.

3 thoughts on “Dignity Bed: Antibacterial Built In Dry Toilet in A Bed by Enda Thomas

  1. This is a fantastic idea. This will be a great help to me, as taking my mum to the toilet is a task in itself, and completely undignified. It appears that it will enable our elders in the community to remain in their own homes for longer, brilliant achievement!

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