Cool Bright Attic Bedroom Ideas

If you have attic bedroom, you surely needs some inspiration how to make it more spacious and bright so you can relax more comfortable. Even though an attic is usually isn’t too large, but there are plenty ideas to make it more cool and livable. There are project that shows that.

The process of making nice decoration on attic bedroom could be so tricky. Here is right tips to guide you. Avoid using dark color to the whole bedroom wall, bright color such white, light pink, or light beige could be the perfect color. But you can apply bold color only in one side wall to create bold focal point such black royal wallpaper, or blue in white blue attic bedroom. For myself, I love seeing natural color in the attic bedroom interior, calming color that related with natural touch such lime green is my style, paired with white bedding, and modern beautiful chandelier and you well done.  Don’t put a lot of furniture in this space such large wardrobe, love seat, dressing room furniture that big enough. Put appropriate bedroom furniture that really you need. Large window will provide natural lighting to the room and create airy atmosphere. Hope you like our posting today.

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