When Contemporary Home Building Meet Old Villa Design: Villa Rotterdam Villa Designed by Ooze

Honestly I don’t quite agree to the idea how the extension house was designed that way, it seems the architect Ooze is pushing the blend between the already existing building with the new design at the Rotterdam Villa. Some would rather call it really one expressive architectural residence recreated with the spirit of the surroundings in mind. If you’re agree to it, that this is one expressive architectural residence then you go along with it as we really don’t want to debate about it.

This old villa designed in the early twentieth century and received a makeover in 1991. In 2003 this villa has been gone a little surgery and enlarged as three more rooms and other facilities are added to the existing old house. The result to the unused space is one contemporary home extension. The way it’s designed was said that it is very expressive.

The new home surgery result is a new staircase on the north wall that connected the first and second floor. Bright indeed is this place, and this is no other than the use of glass walls attached in the modern contemporary building next to the old villa. The new light weight structure is great and this is because they use solid wood prefabricated panels to shape the roof, walls and floor. The new contemporary villa design has been described by the designers as follow:

“Inside, the building manifests itself through a formal language based on prefabricated, solid wood triangles that have a direct reference to the old roof. Folds and facets were generated by an intuitive rationalism following what was permitted and what would benefit the space inside. This skin becomes the structure which sits like a hat on top of the existing one and works as a load carrier to bring down the additional weight burden of the new floors and roofs. The house is a precedent in establishing a new culture of dealing with an existing structure.”

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