Bloom, Functional Colorful Planters By Solisombra

For those who like gardening would love to have a beautiful garden, which can come from the planter in the garden or even the planter itself. Bloom is a new planter collection from Solisombra, and these planters will surely bring a new different for your garden.

Bloom is a plastic planter that imitates flax. The pieces are designed in round shape to ensure that the planters are easy-to-use and easy-to-clean. The planters are also have a protection from UV rays. Beside the shape and the UV protection, the planters are also available in several bright color choices. The colors picked are pleasant for the eye and intended to make the plants inside the planters look more calm. The colors available of these planters are violet, lilac, orange, green, white and red. To explore your creativity, with the help of these planters, you can also create a vertical garden. Something that not usually accommodate by ordinary planters.

These planters are also useful as different purpose except as usual planters. In some certain occasion like garden party, you can use the planter to put some ice or and a bottle of champagne inside. The design, the colors, the arrangement, and the purpose are features of these beautiful modern planters that will brighten and freshen your garden.

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