Animal Sculptures Made of Salvaged Plastic by Sayaka Ganz

This artworks inspiration comes from waste materials which later turned into beautiful artistic sculptures by Sayaka Ganz. Driven by a combination of his passion for fitting odd shapes together and a sympathy toward discarded objects, she create animals from thrift store plastics. Sayaka was raised under the Japanese philosophy of Shinto where all objects and organisms are believed to have a spirit and a soul.

Sayaka’s believe the best way for artists to help reduce waste is to show how beautiful these materials can be, and what can be done with these mundane objects and materials. When we think of these things as beautiful, we value them. If we value our resources we will waste less.

Since an early age, when she was still in kindergarten, she was taught that ‘objects that are discarded before their time, weep at night inside the trash bin’. As she explains, this belief became her inspiration and guidance throughout her art journey, satisfying her constant need to adjust in various environments by creating her own harmony. Ganz collects previously used and discarded objects and with her talent and enthusiasm she transfigures them into animal forms by simply combining plastic residues.

Via : Artistic Animal Sculptures

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