Avi, Corian Based Bathroom Collection by Plavisdesign

June 24, 2011 Filed Under: Bathrooms  

Corian refers to a fantastic solid surfacing material which has almost limitless possibilities when it comes to shape and form. Corian is also very durable and hygienic due to its nonporous quality. These are reason why corian has become favorite material for designer community, especially to make stylish tubs and sinks. Using this material, Plavisdesign recently designed a beautiful bathroom collection... 

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Missing Pieces, Original Coffee Table Inspired by Jigsaw Puzzle

Some brainteaser games have inspired designers to create such lovely pieces of furniture art. Rubik’s Cube and riddles are previously inspired some designer to create their own stylish and original products. Recently, UK designer, Rupert McKelvie created a coffee table inspired by jigsaw puzzles. Just like the puzzles where we have to find and match each pieces into one good picture, the coffee table... 

Unique Transparent Wood Table by Nendo

The studio Nendo recently created a piece of wood table which is absolutely different with any usual table. This table is transparent, so can see through it. The wood is just like clear solid plastic, but it’s not. It’s a clear acrylic made in a wooden form with a strong grain. After the pieces were produced in wooden form, those pieces were assembled to make the table. Some details are really... 

Eco-friendly Pot Design by Matteria

Aware with green furniture? then you should check these eco-friendly pot design presented by Matteria. They were made by recycled material and also portable.  Called The RUSCAC, these eco-friendly pot design fit as indoor planter or outdoor planter. Matteria has been working on “imaginative reuse of reclaimed materials” based under sustainability and energy efficiency. The RUSCAC is a green eco... 

Comfortable Chair Design-The Xarxa Chair by Marti Guixé

Chair design is never comfort than this way. Boasting simply design with removable cushion, The Xarxa chair by Spanish designer Marti Guixé for Italian brand-Danese provide the best place for you to enjoy evening while reading a new book. Made by 5 removable cushion in colorful color, The Xarxa chair This multipurpose seating structure is made out of birch wood, with the armrest and back made of metal... 

Tchotchke Dining Table, Original Table with Sculptured Legs

This table is original, and we can say that this table is not just a table. It’s one of an art object.  A clear top glass is combined with sleek and unusual legs design. Top glass of the table reminds me some other top glass table, but the legs? I can’t think of anything like that. This table is called Tchotchke Dining Table and it’s presented by Jason Philips Design. The table is available...