Refreshing Colorful Modern Interior Design with Rustic Home Décor

October 12, 2011 Filed Under: Interiors  

Adorned with paintings all over the walls, this rustic home has its own charm and characteristic. This two level colorful house wasn’t architected by Joaquin Diaz but it was rather being rehabilitated. The use of contrasting colors that we thought it could never get along well turns out to make this contemporary house interior seems playful and cheerful. Joaquin Diaz able to take the interior out... 

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Refreshing Colorful Modern Interior Design with Rustic Home Décor

Adorned with paintings all over the walls, this rustic home has its own charm and characteristic.... (more...)

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Loopita Bonita, A Chaise Lounge That Looks Like Roller Coaster

Summer day’s fun is just incomplete without this chaise longue that makes your summer even more relaxing than ever. Loopita Bonita, the name of this chaise lounge, was designed by Mexican industrial designer Victor M. Aleman. The idea was from the daily life in Mexico City so the artist created luscious outdoor furniture that is very loopy just like the title itself “Loopita”. You can place this... 

“Build Your Block”, Pillows Inspired from New York Buildings by Patrick Chirico

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Poki Colorful Drawer with Textile Container Inspired from Old Danish Sewing Tables by Holm Giessler & Jennifer Heimann

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Log and Squirrel Self Watering Pot by Qualy Design

I thought it was a hamster in a pot. Certainly look like my hamster.The Log & Squirrel by Qualy Design is a self-flowering pot where you don’t need to program to watering the plant, simply it will remind you when the plants need water by the squirrel popping its head. Unlike other programmable pot which can be over doing in watering, this modern self watering pot will simply do the job automatically. The... 

Mood Rocking Bed, Gorgeous Modern Bed Collection by Shiner Joe

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