Romero House by Julio Amezcua and Francisco Pardo at 103

May 22, 2009 Filed Under: House Design  

Julio Amezcua and Francisco Pardo at 103 has designed 4 members family house called Romero House located in Queretaro, Mexico . The design is developed out of an existing foundation, from which it was necessary to define clarity on the volumes that constitute the house, considering the use of materials and the program that each box contains. The stone box is the hermetic one; it contains the principal... 

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Chaise Longue by Arthur Rottier

Arthur Rottier has designed the ergonomic and contemporary AR1 chaise longue which will be presented at the IMM2009 in Cologne, Germany. The AR1 chaise longue comes in five colors contrasting the white base; but color wishes can be fullfilled. This chaise longue is also available for Kid’s version. The body position allows active participation in conversation, but would not block a little nap either.... 

The Cobra Desk by Laurie Beckerman

Laurie Beckerman has designed the Cobra Desk, a new writing or laptop desk that made from stainless steel with starfire glass tabletop, The mouths of the cobras are open pencilholders where you can conveniently store all your writing implements. The cobra desk unit dimension is 42 inch wide by 29 1/2 inch deep by 20 1/2 inch high. The Cobra Desk and The Whistle Lamp will be launched at the upcoming... 

The Whistle Lamp by Laurie Beckerman

Laurie Beckerman, an architect based in new york has designed the Whistle Lamp, a 7 foot high floor lamp, made of mirror-polished bronze. The lamp will be launched at the upcoming ICFF show in New York. Brooklyn.